Lake Huron at Oscoda, MI

Oscoda, MI

On July 11th, 1911, the lumbering communities of Au Sable and Oscoda, Michigan perched on either side of the mouth of the Au Sable River at Lake Huron, were virtually erased by a forest fire fueled by violent winds that swept through the towns in a matter of hours.

By great fortune, the lumber steemer Niko had just docked to load the timber of the Loud & Son's Mill. Finding the disaster on shore, Capt. Meyers (captain of the Niko) ordered the ship to stay at port. With the aid of a few heroic citizens, over 280 persons rushed through flames enveloping the dock and were safely boarded. Many of those saved would surely have perished if not for Capt. Meyers and the crew of the Niko and the brave friends and neighbors of the community.

This photo looks down along what once was the dock where the Niko waited.

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